SASF is an association composed of a collective of artists. Their aim is to create a link with the world through the power of street art.

Their project is to travel the world to discover various cultures and civilisations, to establish a dialogue, to share, in order to create a collective, minimalist and colourful art work.
The idea is to incorporate colours in unexpected area, streets or else for the inhabitant and with them, by opening as much dialogue and exchange as possible to create harmony.

Art is a very powerful tool that allows the creation of new thoughts about the world, inspiration and open mindedness, especially for young people. Also, we think that street art is a play-based
and an accessible way to approach art for those for whom it is less accessible. As street art is free, costless and doesn’t take place in institutions such as museums and galleries, it is
accessible to all.

As art is often reduced to its technical aspect, we chose to remain simple and minimalist to be as accessible as possible.

The principal aim of our association is to extend our work to our vision of art and remain as far as possible from cliches to get closer to mankind.

"SASF is born from the desire to combine our passion for art to our love for travels with the mission of developing street art in countries where the movement remains unknown (or not much).
For us, traveling is an experience of its own and street art allows the traveler to engage discussions and debates, to belie cliches and received ideas that full up one’s mind."

Interview Inzestreet - Antoine SASF